Sunday, June 17, 2012

about something Fixing Office Stress And Politics By Quitting

Don't misunderstand: quitting your job doesn't mean you're giving up on your career and goals. Instead, you are breaking the heavy yoke of an unhealthy job and finding an escape to the dirty workplace politics and stress. You should have the opportunity to come into your own and discover new and better ways to earn a living.

Too often you will find dirtier office politics at play when everyone should be focusing on doing their best at their job. This can be extremely distracting to those who are trying to do their best and are constantly distracted by those who are more interested in the social game of a workplace. While this can sometimes be helpful, it usually causes more problems than benefits other people. Instead of creating a camaraderie among employees, it can create negative feelings of competition. People can become so wrapped up with what is going on with everyone else, they neglect their own work, setting things back not only for themselves, but everyone involved.

This can put too much pressure on you, as you struggle to perform well at work while dealing with the politics. Don't try and do too much; this puts unnecessary stress on yourself, thus becoming less effective as you become easily drained. When things begin to get out of hand, take a step back and use some stress-relieving techniques to try and overcome the politics and the strain of working in this environment.
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